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About Him

About Him

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In the year 1976, it was the winter of January, on the 15th day, he was born before midnight at 10:00 PM sharp.

He, born in PHUSRO, (Bermo Subdivision) it was earlier in Hazaribag district before 1972, then Giridih and now Bokaro since 1991.

He took birth after 12 years latter to his elder sister Asha Pathak and 9 years latter to his elder brother Rajesh Kumar Pathak. He became a member of the family attaching all through the heart and soul because, after a long time, a child in the family born again. His wish was being fulfilled before asking for anything.

When he was of two, her sister Asha Pathak got married with Raj Kumar Pathak from Kapasia, Begusarai, Bihar. His brother-in-law was a stationary shop owner in front of township gate in Begusarai district of Bihar. In the same year he was burnt out his fingers of right hand by electric press iron and get a huge electrical shock being in lap of his elder brother and his mother saved the lives of those two by unplugging the wire immediately as shis brother shout at loud. And from the very same day supply of electricity was stopped forever.

He started going to school when he was 8 years old, directly in class 5, due to his educated mother, Gayatri Devi, who made him study at home. She was so sincere about his education and morals, that she asked the children about question papers, who used to cross the way beside the home daily, to examine his progress at home. He used to listen to Shri Ram Charit Manas, Shri Mahabharat, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Shri Shiv Puran and many other similar granthas read and also explained by his mother.

His father Late Harishchandra Pathak was a renowned teacher of literature (Hindi, Sanskriti and English) in an esteemed educational institution i.e. Ram Ratan high school, Dhori established in 1955 by Late Babu Ram Ratan Singh Jee. He was forced to joined the school in 1958 by Late Babu Ramkripal Singh Jee, who asked him not to join the service of sipahi, instead its better to serve the society being a Brahmin (Purohit) and Scholar as a teacher, and tore the appointment letter to join as sipahi at Marafari Chas before him. In the year 1980 the school was undertaken by the government and he retired in 1993 on November the 3rd.

In the year 1983 his elder brother Rajesh Pathak git married with Kavita Pathak from Lalgarh, Madhupur when he was just 7 years old, but unfortunately no child was born till 1993 ten years of marriage of his elder brother.

He always used to explore the possibility to get maximum output from the available minimum resources. In the year 1988 home was rebuilt and few more rooms were added to it and the very next year He passed his matriculation from the very same school in which his father was working as a teacher i.e. Ram Ratan High School, Dhori in the summer of 1989. In the same year on rakshabandhan his grandmother (Sudama Devi) was died.

On 3rd of December 1989 the electricity connection was established in the home after forcing by Shiv Narayan Gupta Jee owner of newly opened electrical equipment shop M/s S.N.Trading, to get the connection with the help of Upadhyay Jee Junior Electrical Engineer in the electricity department of Bihar State Government. The equipment were purchased and finally the electricity started in the home first time since its establishment. On 13th of December 1989 a b&w television set of T-Series Company from Murli Manohar Store purchased and finally brought to home.

In the same year he joined the Bindeshwari Dubey College at Pichhri in class eleven. His leadership capabilities flourish there and his ability to communicate with anyone rooted, the principal Ravindra Kumar Singh so kind to him every time by his shower nature and determined to his study. He passed his bachelor degree from the same college in 1995 and started giving tuition to small children and finally joined the Little Flower School.

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