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What is a perfect writing?

What is a perfect writing?
21 Dec 2018 No Comments Black & White Niraj Pathak

What consist in a writing, which makes it perfect, is the “words” used to describe, what one is writing on. Words, as may be as suitable and so near to explain the scene or happening or to describe what exactly needs to be said, as may be as readable and understandable so one should not go for dictionary after each sentence.

Writing in small sentences by giving the adequate time to the reader to take a breath is good idea to make the writing perfect and most likable. The sentences may be small by using commas or punctuation but taking care of the flow of a particular subject over which the sentence is going on.

Pointing out the objective of the subject, make the writing more clear to the reader. If the writing is a biography then it must be defining the characteristics of the character. If the writing is a critic, must focus out the main theme of the content and why it is so, must be included in writing.

Breaking out into the small 75-100 words paragraphs gives the reader non-boring experience to the writing. Paragraphs must be of stacking to the description, it should not appear as a mess. Massive and heavy paragraphs loose the connection in between the reader and concept of writing.

Write, rearrange the sentences, words, paragraphs, do not hesitate for taking references from here and there like other good and innovating ideas in the web you can easily find the way in just a blink of eye.

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Niraj Pathak IT-Professional, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Ward-Councillor at Municipal Council of Phusro.
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