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What is necessary for what?

What is necessary for what?
24 Dec 2018 No Comments Black & White Niraj Pathak

The subject over which the writing is being done must be studied prior by the writer or having the enough experience to share reviews and expressions. One should be experienced enough to describe the subject more clearly and in detail, which may cover all aspects of the subject.

The references for the subject must be fetched from authentic sources so that one may believe and the information contained in writing worth for the reader, providing references from authentic places may support the writing regardless the knowledge of writer. Writer must not worry about the matter which is served but how much authentic is the matter and useful to the audience.

The observations may be put in writing to make the reader noticed that the subject is so focused and determined. This makes the writing better to understand the subject and its affiliates that one is writing the small facts that let one to grasp the concepts of content which is being delivered to the reader.

The conclusions must be given at the end of writing which is the most essential part of it. This makes the writing complete. This must cover the gist of the contents delivered in writing.

Keep writing, don’t loose your chance to perform, don’t change the track, stick to the subject, take reference with care and responsibility, observe the subject and its affiliates, subsidiaries and association with the reader, and one thing more please don’t hesitate.

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Niraj Pathak IT-Professional, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Ward-Councillor at Municipal Council of Phusro.
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