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What is preferred to be said?

What is preferred to be said?
9 Jan 2019 No Comments Black & White Niraj Pathak

Some time it’s hard to decide that how one should act and/or react and/or respond to the subject. The way one gets the message of some good or bad news, the mind updates the information after processing, and prepare for the actual reply for the same. The time taken under this situation is decision making period which may be as short as fraction of second or a bit more than that. The words need to be conveyed may be familiar to the subject  but sometimes it may be out of the track.

The words chosen to express the real time emotion is hard to describe, but on the other hand it can be easily understood by the subject, when you focus at your position after hearing the news and start reacting with your body language.

What is preferred to be said depends on how much familiar you are with the situation occurred before you. To overcome this problem, participate in the various occasions, face the situation with acceptance what you have done, gather the information contained in the scene in which you are a part.

Never hide your self, to face any kind of situation, and try for fulfilling the requirements of the work, which is being tackled by you, and at the same time you may be asked to complete another task, which may cause a problem or delay arising in connection to get the results as good as it would be. You are the best judge of your self, and you only have to carry the things related to your work, think for your preferences and urgency of the work, be prepared for any urgency, keep open the options to choose from. This makes you hassle free and you can overcome the situation easily.

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Niraj Pathak IT-Professional, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Ward-Councillor at Municipal Council of Phusro.
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