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What is to be poor or rich?

What is to be poor or rich?
19 Jan 2019 No Comments Black & White Niraj Pathak

Take a breath, think of a glass, which is filled up to half of its capacity with water, some will say its half empty, while others may say its filled half. So, a poor will say empty and a rich will say filled. This is all about your, self-mentality which makes you poor or rich.

Consider, if your neighbors are a bit more expensive, then you may feel, yourself poorer than them, and vice-versa. So, what makes you so? It is your, self-mentality which compels you to think, and compare with other people, residing in your neighborhood.

Comparison may boost your ability to achieve the desired, but also this may fill complex in you. Taking the things positive and focusing on your work may help you achieve the desired. Whenever you feel poor, try to visit the slums near your habitat, definitely you will find your self richer than them.

Visiting slums, may give you a lifetime experience, and may also increase your chances to overcome this by encouraging you to do your best in your work, and finally you become a changer. Utilizing the caliber and expertise of your own may open all possibilities towards overcoming the scenario.

Encroaching the facilities provided to the real needy families in society is a criminal offence. It might be possible that you may be fit in criteria or fulfill the requirements to avail the facility, it doesn’t prove you needy. Don’t wait for help, help yourself and others too, keeping this attitude will definitely help you to get the desired results soon.

Some time we become jealous, that someone is taking wrong advantage of something, we lose our patience, if you wait a while, may see the wrong impact of that advantage too, to them. So, the wrong advantage spreads wrong perception to the society, and people like us always been unhappy with the same.

Livelihood is most important part of one’s life, which reflects the standard of living. Some of us always pretend to be looked poorer, they have nothing to show out side the cottage, where they live, but all the basic infrastructure for standard living is available inside the cottage, in reverse few of us live in palace, and they always pretend to be richer, they never let you know their actual condition.

Nothing remains hidden forever, everything is to be justified by time. Hope you understand your self better than I made you here. Hope you understand the importance of the topic. Hope you understand your position that how poorer or richer you are.

About The Author
Niraj Pathak IT-Professional, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Ward-Councillor at Municipal Council of Phusro.
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