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What is Your Social Utility?

What is Your Social Utility?
25 Dec 2018 No Comments Black & White Niraj Pathak

We see many things happening on every side today; some times we here the same anyway. And then, we continue to update the replica through the application of social media. Most of our time also keeps coming out of their information. Some people call it a waste of time, whereas for some people it’s only a means of entertainment in free time, but some use it seriously. It depends on the individual’s own style of functioning, how they use them for these mediums, or say that is able to do it.

One thing comes out from all these things, that is, when you can not take the time for your family on one side in today’s busy environment, how can you expect to discharge your responsibilities towards society? Today, we are busy mechanically doing all our work. Completing any work on time is an expected liability, as well as social responsibility associated with that work is also necessary. The way the food is only made and eaten, It is not necessary but to be delicious and digestible too, so your daily activity automatically proves your social utility.

Achieving social utility depends entirely on what is your contribution to society? You can be from any profession, you may have complete control over it, you may be appropriate for your specific work, but all these things are related to your responsibilities, not to your utility. Our society is based on “the survival of the fittest” since its beginning, this utility depends on the nature of its social contribution.

That is, the more viable the contribution is, the longer its utility. Today, the name of the historians like Tagore, Vinoba, Gandhi, Nehru, Shastri, Ambedkar, and their dutifulness becomes obvious, that their unprecedented and priceless contribution has made them immortalized in society.

Just like we are involved in any business or enterprise we have to provide our best, to be honest with our profession. When we do this, then our attributes get refined. If we are lawyers, according to fees, we will weaken or weaken any case, then ultimately lose and responsible for the same. If we are a teacher, due to the money, due to lack of education, we will be judged only on our child’s failures. If we are a doctor, due to money, we will treat patients carelessly then our patients will be reduced.

That is, if we do not give our best, then our utility is low and there is no place in society. We are a social creature, we have little contribution in the betterment of society, then it must be remarkable. We can make the nature of our contribution greater than the greatest by the strength of our dedication. All things have a property If it is relative then it is wrong. It has to be always absolute needed. For example, a fire is ignited, but if the fire is stopped for fire, then the water quenches the thirst, if not extinguished, etc. In the same way, we should not change our principles by being influenced by somebody’s behavior, we should not discontinue our fellowship even in the absence of unwise, we should force the person in front of us to imitate us not to imitate him. We should take our position to that level that would be an example.

For this, a work is needed which you are anybody, you belong to any section of the society, be in any profession, even your financial condition, can be done as well. If you are a student then teach your younger age. If you are a teacher then give the students enough so that they do not have to go for extra study elsewhere, and if you are a tuition or coaching teacher, then you can carry 10 out of 100 needy people. If you are a lawyer then you must give free services to the needy at least one day in a month. If you are a businessman, then take the quality of your goods and services to that level to increase your trust.

All these things are not exactly new. But the social decline of its usefulness has inspired me like something that could be exemplary for everyone. The current social environment lacks most of the same thing that we talk about, read and understand things, but stay away from its imbalance. That is why we expect from you that whatever you are in relation to any profession, complete your responsibilities with your mind, word and action, and be a participant in the creation of the nation to prove your dedication so that for this contribution you will always be remembered in the society.

About The Author
Niraj Pathak IT-Professional, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Ward-Councillor at Municipal Council of Phusro.
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