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What makes word, worth?

What makes word, worth?
10 Jan 2019 No Comments Black & White Niraj Pathak

Work, yes it is your work which makes your word worth. When you want to do something and for that you give any statement, you must be aware with all the facts and figures which may prove your statement recognized and believable to others.

Promises are often incomplete due to the uncertainty of happenings, be sure while giving any promise, that if, the circumstances will not be in favor how will you be able to handle the situation. So, you must be ready to tackle any situation which may prove your word false, especially promises. Do take a proper care while making any promise, and if it’s done, do not compromise with your stand. Make sure that less obstacle may come into the way while fulfilling your promise.

Promises keep you charged, keep you boosted towards your goal. It is not necessary to promise every time everybody but a perfect assurance must be conveyed. Boldness and a eye tagging conversation throw a positive attitude to the person who is before you.

Promise needs guarantee while assurance needs your attention and focus and of course your determination towards finishing the act under a given schedule.

If you are a busy fellow and not enough rich to have an assistant, keep a list of tasks, works and/or responsibilities. Try to avoid unscheduled work and if the work is necessary try to reschedule that work and first complete the undergoing. Do not get tangled in more unfinished work but move ahead with undergoing work first and keep the upcoming in a proper way.

Sudden work or casual work may give you a pause to undergoing, but you can get back to it as soon as possible. Do take rest, choose your preferred time, but must be careful towards others’ time and schedule and of course your own health engaged in doing promised job.

This is how you can make your word worth and me too.

About The Author
Niraj Pathak IT-Professional, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Ward-Councillor at Municipal Council of Phusro.
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